Some Anti-Feminist Arguments that I Disagree With

  1. Feminism isn’t needed anymore: Yes it is. While women can now wear pants, vote, get an education, drive, get a job, and so on, they can still struggle with things such as cat calls, victim blaming, and body image. They are also still struggling to get laws passed regarding their ability to get birth control and receive equal payment for doing the same job. Not to mention the fact that women in other countries do still need a form of feminism that’s more akin to the first wave.
  2. Feminists are all just angry and whiny: Men, as well as some women such as myself, have no experience with the micro aggressions that so many other women face every day. What seems like a silly thing to us is really more like the last straw for them. And if a woman has had universally bad experiences with men, then I think it’s understandable why she would say she hates all of them.
  3. If it’s about equality, then it should be called equalism/humanism/etc.: It’s not called that because women are starting from an inferior place. We need to give women more rights than we give men because right now, women have fewer rights, and so we have to help them specifically, even if it’s artificial. In other words, focusing only on women will help to make them more equal to men.
  4. But men have problems, too: Yes, and that’s why they have the men’s rights movement (which, in all honesty, needs more support). But most of feminism is trying to lift up women without necessarily hurting men. Granted, there are facets of feminism that do this, but unfortunately this particular argument is often used as a derailment tactic.
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    1. None of these problems are important at all in first world countries. Women in third world countries do need help,...
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    Again, I’m really kind of fascinated by the fact that I’m clearly so bad at arguing something I don’t fully believe in....
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    These are some genuinely terrible counterarguments. I’m actually shocked. Especially by the “wage gap is a real thing!”...
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    I’m going to respond to this, party by agreeing and partly by disagreeing. Quite often anti-feminists express their...
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    Feminist LOVE victim blaming; so long as the victim is male. Every time they say “the primary victim of rape is female”,...